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Żelazowa Wola, Brochów

This small village on the Utrata River is one of Poland’s most often visited places. The crowds attracts the Frederic Chopin Museum set up in the former country manor. There one of the most brilliant composers in the history of music was born. The lovely manor is surrounded by a beautiful well-kept garden. The best day for visiting Żelazowa Wola is Sunday when piano concert are held. Fryderyk Chopin was christened in the fortified gothic church of St. Roch in nearby Brochów dating from 1561.

Folklore of the Mazovian country - Skansen in Sierpc

During this tour the visitors will have the opportunity to watch the daily life of the village, craft, folk customs tied to annual ceremonial, dress and the folk art.
Traditional works in the farm are presented in the authentic Skansen interiors. What’s more, craftsmen’s workshops are functioning (basket makers, blacksmith, woman embroidered, weaver, potter). Demonstration of the butter production process combined with tasting country bread is also available.
In the tavern tourists can try regional specialities, with village bread and roasting sausages over a bonfire in one of the clearings. Furthermore, carriage, cart and saddle rides are also available.

A sightseeing guide to Warsaw

Warsaw is a wonderful city and one of the greenest capitals in Europe, full of monuments and interesting places of interest. If you are going to get to know it well we would like to recommend our walking tours of Warsaw with our experienced and knowledgeable guides.

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