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Krakow sightseeing

Jewish Krakow

1. Jewish Krakow - the Main Ghetto Square ( the Krakow's Ghetto was created in March 1941, about 17 000 people were forced there. The whole story of the ghetto can be seen in the movie "Schindler's List", by Steven Spielberg. The Schindler's Factory Museum - were the exhibition "Krakow under Nazi occupation 1939-45" was opened recently. Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz with the Remuh Synagogue, erected in XVI th century and the cemetery nearby. The New Square, where the slaughter house was located before the war. The places where "Schindler's List" was shot.
Duration – 6 hours.

City tour of Kracow

2. City tour of Kracow - the Royal Castle of Wawel (visiting interiors on request), the Royal Cathedral which is one of the finest churches in Poland), the Market Square and the Cloth Hall (one of the largest squares in Europe). St. Florian’s Gate (one of the oldest gates in Cracow. This along with the Barbican was the Gate of Honour through the king and his royal entourage would enter the town). Kazimierz, the old Jewish District included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.
Duration – 6 hours.

A sightseeing guide to Warsaw

Warsaw is a wonderful city and one of the greenest capitals in Europe, full of monuments and interesting places of interest. If you are going to get to know it well we would like to recommend our walking tours of Warsaw with our experienced and knowledgeable guides.

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