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Warsaw sightseeing

The Colours of The Old Town

The Royal Castle, The Old Town Market, The Archicathedral Basilica of St. Johan, The Canonicity, The Column of The King Zygmunt III Vasa, The Old Town Walls – Barbican.
Duration 1,5 h.

The Royal Route

Aristocratic residences, Church of St. Anna, The University of Warsaw, The Fine Arts Academy, The Presidential Palace, The Church of the Holy Cross, The Nicholas Copernicus Monument, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Duration 2h.

Romantic walk on The Łazienki Garden

Summer residence of the Poland King. The Palace on the Island (visiting interiors), The Theatre on the Island, The White Cottage, The Old Orangery, The Old Guardhouse, The Myślewicki Palace, The residence of the Polish presidents - Belvedere, The Frederic Chopin Monument.
Duration – 2 h.

The Palace in Wilanów

The Residence of the Polish kings and magnates, garden complex.
Duration 1h - 2,5h.

Kings’ residencies and seats route

Kazimierzowski Palace, Royal Castle (visiting interiors), Ujazdowski Castle, The Myślewicki Palace, Palace on the Water, Belvedere Palace.
Duration od 4- 5 h.

Sites of fight and martyrdom of the Polish people

Museum - "Pawiak Prison" - one of the biggest Nazi prisons, The Warsaw Uprising Monument, The Tomb of Unknown Soldier, The Warsaw Uprising Museum, Mausoleum of Struglge and Martyrdom - the former headquarter of Gestapo.
Duration 5h.

Jewish Warsaw

Places recalling the martyrdom and struggle of the Jews 1940 – 1943 - The Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto, Umschlagplatz, The ZOB Bunker,the Sienna Street (fragment of the Ghetto Wall), Grzybowski square - the former Jewish quarter.
Duration 4h.

Warsaw of socialist realism

Palace of Culture and Science, Parade Square, socialist housing district called MDM, Marszałkowska Street.
Duration 3h.

Warsaw's cemeteries (1)

The most interesting and historical cemeteries: Powązki Cemetery - the oldest and most famous cemetery in Warsaw and in Poland, The Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery - one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe.
Duration 3,5 h. 

Old district of Warsaw - Praga

Ząbkowska street with the XIX factory producing vodka cold "Koneser",legendary " Różycki Bazaar", The Cathedral of St.Florian, The Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalena and places associated with the history of Praga's Jews.
Duration 3h.

Footsteps of John Paul II

John Paul II went on several pilgrimages to Poland, which from the begining of the eighties underwent radical transformations, as did all of Central and Eastern Europe. During his seven pilgrimages to his home country, John Paul II almost always visited the capital. In Warsaw there are many places conneted with him, they were witnesses to important words and grand gestures. Duration 4h.

Outside Warsaw tours

Żelazowa Wola, Brochów

This small village on the Utrata River is one of Poland’s most often visited places. The crowds attracts the Frederic Chopin Museum set up in the former country manor. There one of the most brilliant composers in the history of music was born. The lovely manor is surrounded by a beautiful well-kept garden. The best day for visiting Żelazowa Wola is Sunday when piano concert are held. Fryderyk Chopin was christened in the fortified gothic church of St. Roch in nearby Brochów dating from 1561.

Folklore of the Mazovian country - Skansen in Sierpc

During this tour the visitors will have the opportunity to watch the daily life of the village, craft, folk customs tied to annual ceremonial, dress and the folk art.
Traditional works in the farm are presented in the authentic Skansen interiors. What’s more, craftsmen’s workshops are functioning (basket makers, blacksmith, woman embroidered, weaver, potter). Demonstration of the butter production process combined with tasting country bread is also available.
In the tavern tourists can try regional specialities, with village bread and roasting sausages over a bonfire in one of the clearings. Furthermore, carriage, cart and saddle rides are also available.

Krakow sightseeing

Jewish Krakow

1. Jewish Krakow - the Main Ghetto Square ( the Krakow's Ghetto was created in March 1941, about 17 000 people were forced there. The whole story of the ghetto can be seen in the movie "Schindler's List", by Steven Spielberg. The Schindler's Factory Museum - were the exhibition "Krakow under Nazi occupation 1939-45" was opened recently. Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz with the Remuh Synagogue, erected in XVI th century and the cemetery nearby. The New Square, where the slaughter house was located before the war. The places where "Schindler's List" was shot.
Duration – 6 hours.

City tour of Kracow

2. City tour of Kracow - the Royal Castle of Wawel (visiting interiors on request), the Royal Cathedral which is one of the finest churches in Poland), the Market Square and the Cloth Hall (one of the largest squares in Europe). St. Florian’s Gate (one of the oldest gates in Cracow. This along with the Barbican was the Gate of Honour through the king and his royal entourage would enter the town). Kazimierz, the old Jewish District included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.
Duration – 6 hours.

Top tourist attractions of Warsaw

The Old Town and the Warsaw Royal Route

The Old Town is a historic center and the oldest part of the city. It is also a living, breathing cultural salon. Founded in the 13th century as the prince’s castle, it is surrounded by walls. The Old Town comprises of two housing estates with separate markets – they are Old and the New Town, popularly referred to jointly as “Starówka” . In the summer the Old Town and New Town Squares become stages for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries. In the Old Town market stands a monument of the Warsaw Mermaid which has been on Warsaw’s coat of arms over 600 years.

The Krakowskie Przedmieście street

The Krakowskie Przedmieście street is a cluster of historical palaces, monuments and churches. It is the beginning of the 11 kilometre Royal Route which starts at the Royal Castle and leads to the Royal Łazienki Park (the summer of the last king of Poland) and next to Wialnów ( the private residence of king Jan III Sobieski)

The Royal Łazienki Garden

The Royal Łazienki Garden is a beautiful, extensive park inhabited by squirrels, ducs, swans, and peacocks. The most important of the historical buildings in the park is the Palace on the Water. Chopin concerts take place at the foot of the Chopin monument every Sunday from mid-May till the end of September

Wilanów Park-Palace Complex

Wilanów Park-Palace Complex - the summer residence of king Jan III Sobieski (the victor from Vienna ) and later to August II Sas and powerful families. Wilanów is called the Polish Versailles because of its baroque style. The palace is surrounded by two level baroque garden and romantic park in English style.

Palace of culture and Science (PKiN)

Palace of culture and Science (PKiN) –is still the tallest and most controversial building. It was built as a “gift from Soviet nation for Polish people” in 1955. PKiN is still a symbol of Soviet occupation . It has over 3000 rooms including four theatres, cinema, two museums, two public libraries and Tourist Information office. On the XXXth floor there is terrace from which visitors can see beautiful panorama of Warsaw
The XLV floor is the residence of a pair of wandering falcons named Wars and Sawa. The ornithological reality show can be watched on www.webcam.peregrinus.pl.

Praga District – the Montmartre of Warsaw

Praga District – the Montmartre of Warsaw. Galleries and alternative theatres. Fashionable clubs and pubs. Art nouveau tenement houses and cultural centers in post –industrial buildings. The Cultural Centre Koneser for instance is located in a former vodka factory.

Pre-war lanterns and cobbled street. This is the district where the National Stadium is.

A sightseeing guide to Warsaw

Warsaw is a wonderful city and one of the greenest capitals in Europe, full of monuments and interesting places of interest. If you are going to get to know it well we would like to recommend our walking tours of Warsaw with our experienced and knowledgeable guides.

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